W.J. Burley

William John Burley was born in Falmouth, Cornwall. Until 1950, he made a living as an engineer. After successfully obtaining his degree in Zoology, he was appointed head of the biology Department at Richmond Grammar School. When the opportunity arose, he returned to Cornwall to a similar appointment. He retired in 1974. In 1966 his first novel was published with Henry Pym, a zoologist cum amateur detective, as the main character. Pym appeared in one other novel, but was abandonned as a series character in favour of 'Charles Wycliffe'.


Titles and year of publication:
'Wycliffe' Novels
 1) Three Toed Pussy (Also published as: Wycliffe and the Three-Toed Pussy)  1968
 2) To Kill a Cat (Also published as: Wycliffe and How to Kill a Cat)  1970
 3) Guilt-Edged Alibi (Also published as: Wycliffe and the Guilt Edged Alibi)  1971
 4) Death in a Salubrious Place (Also published as: Wycliffe and Death in a Salubrious Place)  1973
 5) Death in Stanley Street (Also published as: Wycliffe and Death in Stanley Street)  1975
 6) Wycliffe and the Pea-Green Boat  1975
 7) Wycliffe and the Schoolgirls (Also published as: Wycliffe and the School Bullies)  1976
 8) Wycliffe and the Scapegoat  1978
 9) Wycliffe in Paul's Court  1980
10) Wycliffe's Wild Goose Chase  1982
11) Wycliffe and the Beales  1983
12) Wycliffe and the Four Jacks  1985
13) Wycliffe and the Quiet Virgin  1986
14) Wycliffe and the Winsor Blue  1987
15) Wycliffe and the Tangled Web  1988
16) Wycliffe and the Cycle of Death  1990
17) Wycliffe and the Dead Flautist  1991
18) Wycliffe and the Last Rites  1992
19) Wycliffe and the Dunes Mystery  1994
20) Wycliffe and the House of Fear  1995
21) Wycliffe and the Redhead  1997
22) Wycliffe and the Guild of Nine  2000
Other Novels
 1) A Taste of Power  1966
 2) Death in Willow Pattern  1969
 3) The Schoolmaster  1977
 4) The Sixth Day  1978
 5) Charles and Elizabeth  1979
 6) The House of Care  1981

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