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Leslie Charteris

Leslie Charles Bowyer Yin was born in Singapore. After being educated by a governess and a tutor, he was sent to school in England. In 1924 he left school and went to Paris. After a short time he went back to England and entered King's College, Cambridge. After a year he left university and became a writer. The first years were hard but in 1927 his first novel was published. In the same year he changed his name by deed poll to Leslie Charteris. A year later his first 'Saint' novel appeared. The 1930s were busy years for him. Not only did he write further stories but he also went to America to write film scripts for Hollywood. 
In 1992 Charteris received the Diamond Dagger Award from the Crime Writer's Association in recognition of his life-long service to crime fiction.
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Titles and year of publication:
'Saint' Novels
 1) Meet the Tiger (Also published as: Crooked Gold, and as: The Saint Meets the Tiger)  1928
 2) The Last Hero (Also published as: The Saint Closes the Case, and as: The Saint and the Last Hero)  1930
 3) Enter the Saint (novelets)  1930
 4) Knight Templar (US Title: The Avenging Saint)  1930
 5) Featuring the Saint (novelets)  1931
 6) Alias the Saint (novelets)  1931
 7) She Was a Lady (US Title: Angels of Doom) (Also published as: The Saint Meets His Match)  1931
 8) The Holy Terror (US Title: The Saint vs. Scotland Yard) (novelets)  1932
 9) Getaway (Also published as: Saint's Getaway)  1932
10) Once More the Saint (US Title: The Saint and Mr. Teal) (novelets)  1933
11) The Brighter Buccaneer (Also published as: The Saint - The Brighter Buccaneer) (short stories)  1933
12) Boodle (US Title: The Saint Intervenes) (short stories)  1934
13) The Misfortunes of Mr Teal (Also published as: The Saint in England, and as: The Saint in London) (novelets)  1934
14) The Saint Goes On (novelets)  1934
15) The Saint in New York  1935
16) The Saint Overboard  1936
17) The Ace of Knaves (Also published as: The Saint in Action, and as: The Saint: Ace of Knaves) (novelets)  1937
18) Thieves' Picnic (Also published as: The Saint Bids Diamonds, and as: The Saint at a Thieves' Picnic)  1937
19) Prelude for War (Also published as: The Saint Plays with Fire)  1938
20) The Happy Highwayman (Also published as: The Saint - The Happy Highwayman) (short stories)  1939
21) Follow the Saint (novelets)  1939
22) The Saint in Miami  1941
23) The Saint Goes West (novelets)  1942
24) The Saint Steps In  1944
25) The Saint on Guard (novelets)  1945
26) Paging the Saint (novelets)  1945
27) The Saint Sees It Through  1947
28) Call for the Saint (novelets)  1948
29) Saint Errant (short stories)  1949
30) The Saint in Europe (short stories)  1954
31) The Saint on the Spanish Main (short stories)  1956
32) The Saint Around the World (short stories)  1957
33) Thanks to the Saint (short stories)  1958
34) Concerning the Saint (novelets)  1958
35) Señor Saint (short stories)  1959
36) The Saint Cleans Up (short stories)  1959
37) The Saint to the Rescue (short stories)  1961
38) Trust the Saint (short stories)  1962
39) The Saint in the Sun (short stories)  1964
40) Vendetta for the Saint (written by Harry Harrison)  1965
41) The Saint on TV (novelets)  1968
42) The Saint Returns (novelets)  1969
43) The Saint and the Fiction Makers  1969
44) The Saint Abroad (novelets)  1970
45) The Saint and the People Importers  1970
46) The Saint in Pursuit  1971
47) Saints Alive  1974
48) Catch the Saint (novelets)  1975
49) The Saint and the Hapsburg Necklace  1976
50) Send for the Saint (novelets)  1977
51) The Saint in Trouble (novelets)  1978
52) The Saint and the Templar Treasure  1979
53) Count on the Saint (novelets)  1980
54) The Fantastic Saint (short stories)  1982
55) Salvage for the Saint  1983
Other Novels
 1) X Esquire  1927
 2) The White Rider  1928
 3) The Bandit  1929
 4) Daredevil  1929
 5) Killer of Bulls  1937
 6) Spanish for Fun  1964
 7) Paleneo  1972

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