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Peter Cheyney

Reginald Southouse Cheyney was born in London. He left school at the age of fourteen and went to Clark's College to complete his education before working as a junior clerk in a firm of sollicitors. The office life however did not suit him and he left to join show business.
During the First World War he worked at the Labour Corps Record Office. In this period he published two volumes of poetry. It took a long time before he met with any success. The publication of his first crime novel in 1936 finally set him on the road to fame and fortune. His two great heroes are 'Lemmy Caution' and 'Slim Callaghan'. When Cheyney died, he was one of the richest authors of his time.


Titles and year of publication:
'Lemmy Caution' Novels
 1) This Man is Dangerous  1936
 2) Poison Ivy  1937
 3) Dames Don't Care  1937
 4) Can Ladies Kill?  1938
 5) Don't Get Me Wrong  1939
 6) You'd Be Surprised  1940
 7) Your Deal, My Lovely  1941
 8) Never a Dull Moment  1942
 9) You Can Always Duck  1942
10) I'll Say She Does  1945
'Slim Callaghan' Novels
 1) The Urgent Hangman  1938
 2) Dangerous Curves (US Title: Callaghan)  1939
 3) You Can't Keep the Change  1940
 4) It Couldn't Matter Less (Also published as: Set-Up for Murder)  1941
 5) Sorry You've Been Troubled (US Title: Farewell to the Admiral)  1942
 6) They Never Say When  1944
 7) Uneasy Terms  1946
Other Novels
 1) Another Litlle Drink (US Title: A Trap for Bellamy) (Also published as: Premeditated Murder)  1940
 2) Dark Duet (Also published as: The Counterspy Murders)  1942
 3) The Stars Are Dark (Also published as: The London Spy Murders)  1943
 4) The Dark Street (Also published as: The Dark Street Murders)  1944
 5) Sinister Errand (Also published as: Sinister Murders)  1945
 6) Dark Hero (Also published as: The Case of the Dark Hero)  1946
 7) Dark Interlude (Also published as: The Terrible Night)  1947
 8) Dark Wanton (Also published as: Case of the Dark Wanton)  1948
 9) Try Anything Twice (Also published as: Undressed to Kill)  1948
10) One of Those Things (Also published as: Mistress Murder)  1949
11) You Can Call It a Day (US Title: The Man Nobody Saw)  1949
12) Lady, Behave! (US Title: Lady Beware)  1950
13) Dark Bahama (Also published as: I'll Bring Her Back)  1950
14) Set Up for Murder  1950
15) Ladies Won't Wait (Also published as: Cocktails and the Killer)  1951
Short Stories
 1) You Can't Hit a Woman and other stories  1937
 2) Knave Takes Queen  1939
 3) Mister Caution - Mister Callaghan  1941
 4) Adventures of Alonzo MacTavish  1943
 5) Alonzo MacTavish Again  1943
 6) Love with a Gun and other stories  1943
 7) The Murder of Alonzo  1943
 8) Account Rendered  1944
 9) Making Crime Pay  1944
10) The Adventures of Julia (US Title: The Killing Game)  1945
11) Dance Without Music  1945
12) Escape from Sandra  1945
13) Night Club (Also published as: Dressed to Kill)  1945
14) A Tough Spot for Cupid and other stories  1945
15) G Man at the Yard  1946
16) Date after Dark and other stories  1946
17) He Walked in Her Sleep and other stories (US Title: MacTavish)  1946
18) The Man with Two Wives and other stories  1946
19) A Spot of Murder and other stories  1946
20) Time for Caution  1946
21) Vengeance with a Twist and other stories  1946
22) You Can't Trust a Duchess and other stories  1946
23) The Curiosity of Etienne MacGregor (Also published as: The Sweetheart of the Razors)  1947
24) Lady in Green and other stories  1947
25) A Matter of Luck and other stories  1947
26) Cocktail for Cupid and other stories  1948
27) Cocktail Party and other stories  1948
28) Fast Work and other stories  1948
29) Information Received and other stories  1948
30) The Unhappy Lady and other stories  1948
31) No Ordinary Cheyney  1948
32) The Lady in Tears and other stories  1949
33) Velvet Johnnie and other stories  1952
34) Calling Mr Callaghan  1953
35) The Mystery Blues and other stories (Also published as: Fast Work)  1954
36) The Best Stories of Peter Cheyney  1954

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