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August Derleth
Pseudonym: Tally Mason

August William Derleth was born in Sauk City, Wisconsin. He studied at the University of Wisconsin where he obtained a BA in 1930. At an early age, he started to write stories. In 1926, he sold his first story to Weird Tales. He created 'Solar Pons', a detective based on Sherlock Holmes. After his death the series was continued by Basil Copper. Derleth also wrote under the pseudonym 'Tally Mason'.


Titles and year of publication:  

'Solar Pons' Novels
 1) In Re Sherlock Holmes: The Adventures of Solar Pons (UK Title: The Adventures of Solar Pons [1975]) (Also published as: Regarding Sherlock Holmes [1974]) (short stories)  1945
 2) The Memoirs of Solar Pons (short stories)  1951
 3) Three Problems for Solar Pons (short stories)  1952
 4) The Return of Solar Pons (short stories)  1958
 5) The Reminiscences of Solar Pons (short stories)  1961
 6) The Adventure of the Orient Express  1965
 7) The Casebook of Solar Pons (short stories)  1965
 8) Praed Street Papers (short stories)  1965
 9) The Adventure of the Unique Dickensians  1968
10) Mr. Fairlie's Final Journey  1968
11) A Praed Street Dossier (short stories)  1968
12) The Chronicles of Solar Pons (short stories)  1973
13) The Solar Pons Omnibus (all the Solar Pons stories in 2 volumes)  1982
Other Novels
 1) The Man on All Fours  1934
 2) Murder Stalks the Wakely Family (UK Title: Death Stalks the Wakely Family [1937])  1934
 3) Sign of Fear  1934
 4) Three Who Died  1935
 5) Sentence Deferred  1939
 6) The Narracong Riddle  1940
 7) The Seven Who Waited  1943
 8) Mischief in the Lane  1944
 9) No Future for Luana  1945
10) Death by Design  1953
11) Fell Purpose  1953
12) The Three Straw Men  1970
13) Harrigan's File (short stories)  1975
14) Dwellers in Darkness (short stories)  1976
As 'Tally Mason'
 1) Consider Your Verdict (short stories)  1937

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