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Jacques Futrelle

Contents of the Short Story Collections:  

The Thinking Machine (1907)
*The Flaming Phantom
*The Great Auto Mystery
*The Man Who Was Lost
*The Mystery of a Studio
*The Problem of Cell 13
*The Ralston Bank Burglary
*The Scarlet Thread
The Thinking Machine (1959)
*The Case of the Flaming Phantom
*The Mystery of the Silver Box
*The Problem of Cell 13
Best Thinking Machine Detective Stories (1973)
*The Brown Coat
*The Crystal Gazer
*The Fatal Cipher
*The Flaming Phantom
*His Perfect Alibi
*Kidnapped Baby Blake, Millionaire
*The Lost Radium
*The Missing Necklace
*The Phantom Motor
*The Problem of Cell 13
*The Problem of the Stolen Rubens
*The Scarlet Thread
Great Cases of the Thinking Machine (1977)
*The Haunted Bell
*The Interrupted Wireless
*The Motor Boat
*The Problem of the Auto Cab
*The Problem of the Broken Bracelet
*The Problem of the Cross Mark
*The Problem of the Hidden Million
*The Problem of the Souvenir Cards
*The Problem of the Vanishing Man
*The Roswell Tiara
*The Silver Box
*The Superfluous Finger
*The Three Overcoats

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