Gaston Leroux

Gaston Leroux was born in Paris, France. After leaving school, he studied law. In 1890, he became a court reporter for L'Echo de Paris. His reports on famous trials enhanced his reputation. It was not long before Le Matin, one of the most important French newspapers made him one of their leading journalists. In his late thirties, he decided to become a novelist. His novels were originally written as serials for daily newspapers or magazines. Leroux is best known for his novel 'Le Fantome de l'Opera'. Not all his novels are translated into English.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) The Double Life (Also published as: The Man with the Black Feather)  1903
 2) The Mystery of the Yellow Room  1907
 3) The Perfume of the Lady in Black  1908
 4) The Midnight Lady  1910
 5) The Haunted Chair  1910
 6) The Phantom of the Opera  1910
 7) The Missing Archduke  1911
 8) Balaoo  1912
 9) The Bride of the Sun  1912
10) The Secret of the Night  1913
11) The Floating Prison (Also published as: Wolves of the Sea)  1913
12) Cheri-Bibi and Cecily (Also published as: Missing Men)  1913
13) The Man Who Came Back from the Dead  1916
14) The Amazing Adventures of Carolus Herbert  1917
15) The Veiled Prisoner  1917
16) Cheri-Bibi, Mystery Man (Also published as: The Dark Road)  1919
17) The Dancing Girl (Also published as: Nomads of the Night)  1919
18) The Burgled Heart (Also published as: The New Terror)  1920
19) The Masked Man  1920
20) The Slave Bangle (Also published as: The Phantom Clue)  1921
21) The Sleuth Hound (Also published as: The Octopus of Paris)  1922
22) The Kiss That Killed  1923
23) The Machine to Kill  1923
24) The Adventure of a Coquette  1924
25) The Son of Three Fathers  1925
26) The New Idol  1925
27) The Man of a Hundred Masks  1927
28) Lady Helena  1929