Ngaio Marsh

Ngaio Marsh was born in Christchurch, New Zealand. After leaving school, she attended Canterbury University College of Art. Her first published work arose as a result of a painting holiday on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island. She sold an article to the local newspaper and soon began to contribute regularly to its pages. The next literary exercise was a play. It started her passion for the theatre. She was eventually responsible for the establishment of a permanent theatre in Canterbury, New Zealand. Some of her best books have theatrical settings.  
She is considered to be one of the Big Four (Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers and Margery Allingham are the other three). She is the creator of 'Roderick Alleyn', a Detective Superintendent of Scotland Yard.

Titles and year of publication:
 1) A Man Lay Dead  1934
 2) Enter a Murderer  1935
 3) Death in Ecstasy  1936
 4) The Nursing Home Murder  1936
 5) Vintage Murder  1937
 6) Artists in Crime  1938
 7) Death in a White Tie  1938
 8) Overture to Death  1939
 9) Death at the Bar  1940
10) Surfeit of Lampreys (US Title: Death of a Peer)  1941
11) Death and the Dancing Footman  1941
12) Colour Scheme  1943
13) Died in the Wool  1945
14) Final Curtain  1947
15) Swing Brother Swing (US Title: A Wreath for Rivera)  1949
16) Opening Night (US Title: Night at the Vulcan)  1951
17) Spinsters in Jeopardy (Also published as: The Bride of Death)  1954
18) Scales of Justice  1955
19) Off with His Head (US Title: Death of a Fool)  1957
20) Singing in the Shrouds  1959
21) False Scent  1960
22) Hand in Glove  1962
23) Dead Water  1964
24) Death at the Dolphin (US Title: Killer Dolphin)  1967
25) Clutch of Constables  1968
26) When in Rome  1970
27) Tied up in Tinsel  1972
28) Black as He's Painted  1974
29) Last Ditch  1977
30) Grave Mistake  1978
31) Photo-Finish  1980
32) Light Thickens  1982
33) Death on the Air and Other Stories (The paperback edition contains two extra stories)  1989

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