Jean Potts

Jean Catherine Potts was born in Saint Paul, Nebraska. She was educated at St. Paul High School and Denver Women's College before graduating from Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln. After a visit to New York she decided to stay there. She also wrote numerous short stories.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) Go, Lovely Rose (Edgar Award)  1954
 2) Death of a Stray Cat (Also published as: Dark Destination)  1955
 3) The Diehard  1956
 4) The Man with the Cane  1957
 5) Lightning Strikes Twice (UK Title: Blood Will Tell)  1958
 6) Home Is the Prisoner  1960
 7) The Evil Wish  1962
 8) The Only Good Secretary  1965
 9) The Footsteps on the Stairs  1966
10) The Trash Stealer  1967
11) The Little Lie  1968
12) An Affair of the Heart  1970
13) The Troublemaker  1972
14) My Brother's Killer  1975