Sax Rohmer

Pseudonym of Arthur Henry Ward. He was born in Birmingham but shortly after his birth, his parents moved to London. His schooling was mostly done by his father. At an early age he started writing stories and these were sent to various periodicals. Unfortunately these stories met no succes.
After school he found a job with the Hong Kong and Shanghai bank. In 1903 he left the bank and became a newspaper reporter. He wrote two stories which were accepted by a magazine. After that he began writing for the stage. His short story writing also continued. In 1913 his first 'Fu Manchu' novel was published. It was an instant succes. His second and third novel were also successes.
After the First World War he stopped writing Fu Manchu stories. Instead he concentrated on occult and non-occult novels. The 1930s saw a resurrection of Fu Manchu and nearly every year a new novel was published. His last years were not comfortable. He died as a result of complications after he contracted Asiatic 'flu.


Titles and year of publication:
'Fu Manchu' Novels
 1) The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu (US Title: The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu)  1913
 2) The Devil Doctor (US Title: The Return of Fu Manchu)  1916
 3) The Si-Fan Mysteries (US Title: The Hand of Fu Manchu)  1917
 4) The Daughter of Fu Manchu  1931
 5) The Mask of Fu Manchu  1933
 6) The Bride of Fu Manchu (US Title: Fu Manchu's Bride)  1933
 7) The Trail of Fu Manchu  1934
 8) President Fu Manchu  1936
 9) The Drums of Fu Manchu  1939
10) The Island of Fu Manchu  1941
11) Shadow of Fu Manchu  1949
12) Re-Enter Dr Fu Manchu (US Title: Re-Enter Fu Manchu)  1957
13) Emperor Fu Manchu  1959
14) The Wrath of Fu Manchu And Other Stories (short stories)  1973
Other Novels
 1) 10.30 Folkestone Express  N/A
 2) The Sins of Severac Bablon  1914
 3) The Yellow Claw  1915
 4) The Exploits of Captain O'Hagan (short stories)  1916
 5) Tales of Secret Egypt (shorte stories)  1918
 6) Brood of the Witch Queen  1918
 7) The Orchard of Tears  1918
 8) The Quest of the Sacred Slipper  1919
 9) Dope  1919
10) The Golden Scorpion  1919
11) The Green Eyes of Bast  1920
12) The Dream Detective (short stories)  1920
13) The Haunting of Low Fennel (short stories)  1920
14) Bat-Wing  1921
15) Fire-Tongue  1921
16) Tales of Chinatown (short stories)  1922
17) Grey Face  1924
18) Yellow Shadows  1925
19) Moon of Madness  1927
20) She Who Sleeps  1928
21) The Emperor of America  1929
22) The Day the World Ended  1930
23) Yu'an Hee See Laughs  1932
24) Tales of East and West (short stories)  1932
25) The Bat Flies Low  1935
26) White Velvet  1936
27) Salute to Bazarada (short stories)  1939
28) Egyptian Nights (US Title: Bimbashi Baruk of Egypt) (short stories)  1944
29) Seven Sins  1944
30) Wulfheim  1950
31) Hangover House  1950
32) Sins of Sumuru (US Title: Nude in Mink)  1951
33) Slaves of Sumuru (US Title: Sumuru)  1952
34) Virgin in Flames (US Title: The Fire Goddess)  1953
35) The Moon is Red  1954
36) Sand and Satin (US Title: Return of Sumuru)  1955
37) Sinister Madonna  1956
38) The Secret of Holm Peel, and Other Strange Stories (short stories)  1970