Sarah J. Mason
Pseudonym: Hamilton Crane

Sarah J. Mason was born in Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire. Before becoming a professional writer, she worked as office manager, temporary secretary, information officer and librarian, and library assistant. She is the creator of 'Trewley and Stone', a Detective Superintendent and a Detective Sergeant. She also continues (under the pseudonym 'Hamilton Crane') the Miss Seeton novels created by Heron Carvic. See also James Melville.


Titles and year of publication:
'Trewley and Stone' Novels
 1) Corpse in the Kitchen (Also published as: Corpse in the Case)  1993
 2) Frozen Stiff (Also published as: Deep-Frozen Death)  1993
 3) Murder in the Maze  1993
 4) Dying Breath (Also published as: Murder from Memory)  1994
 5) Sew Easy to Kill  1996
 6) Seeing Is Deceiving  1997
Other Novels
 1) Let's Talk of Wills  1985
 2) Death on Her Doorstep  2003
As 'Hamilton Crane'
  1) Miss Seeton Cracks the Case  1991
  2) Miss Seeton Paints the Town  1991
  3) Miss Seeton Rocks the Cradle  1992
  4) Hands Up, Miss Seeton  1992
  5) Miss Seeton by Moonlight  1992
  6) Miss Seeton Plants Suspicion  1993
  7) Miss Seeton Goes to Bat  1993
  8) Starring Miss Seeton  1994
  9) Miss Seeton Undercover  1994
 10) Miss Seeton Rules  1994
 11) Sold to Miss Seeton  1995
 12) Sweet Miss Seeton  1996
 13) Bonjour, Miss Seeton  1997
 14) Miss Seeton's Finest Hour  1999
 15) Miss Seeton Quilts the village  2017