Ethel Lina White

Ethel Lina White was born in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire. She worked for the Ministry of Pensions in London. Her first three novels The Wish-Bone (1927), 'Twill Soon Be Dark (1929), and The Eternal Journey (1930) were mainstream. Three of her crime novels were made into films: The Spiral Staircase, The Lady Vanishes, and The Unseen.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) Put Out the Light (Also published as: Sinister Light)  1931
 2) Fear Stalks the Village  1932
 3) Some Must Watch (Also published as: The Spiral Staircase)  1933
 4) The First Time He Died  1935
 5) Wax  1935
 6) The Wheel Spins (Also published as: The Lady Vanishes)  1936
 7) The Elephant Never Forgets  1937
 8) The Third Eye  1937
 9) Step in the Dark  1938
10) While She Sleeps  1940
11) She Faded Into Air  1941
12) Midnight House (US Title: Her Heart in Her Throat) (Also published as: The Unseen)  1942
13) The Man Who Loved Lions (US Title: The Man Who Was Not There)  1943
14) They See in Darkness  1944