D.B. Borton

Pseudonym of Lynette Carpenter. She is a professor of English and she teaches composition, film, and literature at Ohio Wesleyan University. She is the creator of 'Cat Caliban', owner of a boarding house and in training to be a private detective in Cincinnati, Ohio. Under the name 'Della Borton', she created 'Gilda Liberty', movie theater proprietor in Eden, Ohio. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) One for the Money  1993
 2) Two Points for Murder  1993
 3) Three Is a Crowd  1994
 4) Four Elements of Murder  1995
 5) Five Alarm Fire  1996
 6) Six Feet Under  1997
 7) Seventh Deadly Sin  2004
 8) Two-Shot Foul  2005
 9) Eight Miles High  2007
As 'Della Borton'
 1) Fade to Black  1999
 2) Freeze Frame  2000
 3) Slow Dissolve  2001