Melissa Bourbon
Pseudonym: Winnie Archer

Melissa Bourbon Ramirez was born in Southern California. She is a former teacher. She is the creator of:
1. 'Lola Cruz', a private investigator (partly written as 'Misa Ramirez').
2. 'Magical Dressmaking Mystery' series featuring Harlow Jane Cassidy, a dressmaker with magical talents (written as 'Melissa Bourbon').
3. 'Bread Shop Mystery' series featuring Ivy Culpepper, an apprentice at Yeast of Eden (under the pseudonym 'Winnie Archer').
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Lola Cruz' Novels
 1) Living the Vida Lola (as Misa Ramirez)  2009
 2) Hasta la Vista, Lola! (as Misa Ramirez)  2010
 3) The Lola Cruz Christmas Story (e-story)  2010
 4) Bare-Naked Lola  2012
'Magical Dressmaking Mystery' Novels (as Melissa Bourbon)
 1) Pleating for Mercy  2011
 2) A Fitting End  2012
 3) Deadly Patterns  2012
 4) A Custom Fit Crime  2013
 5) A Killing Notion  2014
 6) A Seamless Murder  2015
'Bread Shop Mystery' Novels (as Winnie Archer)
 1) Kneaded to Death  2017
 2) Crust No One  2017
 3) The Walking Bread  2018
 4) Flour in the Attic  Due August 2019