Katherine John

Pseudonym of Karen Watkins. She was born in Pontypridd, Wales. She also writes in other genres under the pseudonyms ‘Catrin Collier’, ‘Katherine Hardy’, and ‘Caro French’. She is the creator of ‘Trevor Joseph’, a Detective Sergeant and later Detective Inspector.


Titles and year of publication:
‘Trevor Joseph’ Novels
 1) Without Trace  1990
 2) Six Foot Under (Also published as: Midnight Murders)  1993
 3) Murder of a Dead Man  1994
 4) The Corpse’s Tale (novella)  2006
 5) Black Daffodil  2008
 6) A Well-Deserved Murder  2008
 7) The Destruction of Evidence  2009
Other Novels
 1) By Any Other Name (Also published as: By Any Name)  1995
 2) The Amber Knight  2007
 3) Wake Wood (as 'K.A. John)  2011