Kasey Michaels

Pseudonym of Kathryn Amelia Seidick. She was born as Kathryn Amelia Charles in Allentown, Pennsylvania. In 1963, she married Michael D. Seidick. She also writes romance novels as 'Michelle Kasey', 'Kasey Michaels', and 'Kathryn Seidick'. She is the creator of:
1. 'D&S Security' series featuring Grady Sullivan and Quinn Delaney, private investigators.
2. 'Maggie Kelly', a romance writer turned mystery writer.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'D&S Security' Novels
 1) Can't Take My Eyes Off You  2000
 2) Too Good To Be True  2001
 'Maggie Kelly' Novels
 1) Maggie Needs an Alibi  2002
 2) Maggie by the Book  2003
 3) Maggie Without a Clue  2004
 4) High Heels and Homicide (Also published as: Maggie in Too Deep [e-book;2016])  2005
 5) High Heels and Holidays (Also published as: Maggie on the Edge [e-book;2016])  2006
 6) Bowled Over (Also published as: Maggie Takes a Fall [e-book;2016])  2007