Pseudonym of Herman Cyril McNeile. He was born in Bodmin, Cornwall. He was educated at Cheltenham College and the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. In the First World War he served with the Royal Engineers in France. In 1922, he resigned his commission with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He was married and had two sons. He is the creator of 'Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond', a private detective after the First World War.


Titles and year of publication:
'Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond' Novels
 1) Bulldog Drummond  1920
 2) The Black Gang  1922
 3) The Third Round (US Title: Bulldog Drummondís Third Round)  1924
 4) The Final Count  1926
 5) The Female of the Species (Also published as: Bulldog Drummond and the Female of the Species; and as: Bulldog Drummond Meets a Murderess)  1928
 6) Temple Tower  1929
 7) The Return of Bulldog Drummond (US Title: Bulldog Drummond Returns)  1932
 8) Knock-Out (US Title: Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back)  1933
 9) Bulldog Drummond at Bay  1935
10) Challenge  1937
Other Novels
 1) The Lieutenant and Others (short stories)  1915
 2) Sergeant Michael Cassidy (US Title: Michael Cassidy, Sergeant) (short stories)  1915
 3) Men, Women and Guns (short stories)  1916
 4) No Manís Land (short stories)  1917
 5) The Human Touch (short stories)  1918
 6) Mufti  1919
 7) The Man in Ratcatcher, and other stories (short stories)  1921
 8) The Dinner Club (short stories)  1923
 9) Jim Maitland (short stories)  1923
10) Out of the Blue (short stories)  1925
11) Shorty Bill (short story)  1926
12) Jim Brent (short stories)  1926
13) Word of Honour (short stories)  1926
14) John Walters  1927
15) The Saving Clause (short stories)  1927
16) The Finger of Fate (short stories)  1930
17) Tiny Carteret  1930
18) The Island of Terror (US Title: Guardians of the Treasure)  1931
19) Ronald Standish (short stories)  1933
20) When Carruthers Laughed (short stories)  1934
21) Ask for Ronald Standish (short stories)  1936
22) "Sapper": The Best Short Stories (short stories)  1984