Jeff Shelby
Pseudonym: Jeffrey Allen

Jeff Shelby is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine. He lives in the suburbs of Dallas and works as a high school English teacher. He is the creator of:
1. ‘Noah Braddock’, a private investigator in San Diego.
2. 'Joe Tyler', a father searching for his abducted daughter.
3. 'Moose River Mystery' series featuring Daisy Savage, an amateur sleuth.
4. 'Rainy Day Mystery' series featuring Rainy Day, a rural farm owner in Virginia.
5. ‘Stay at Home Dad Mystery’ series featuring Deuce Winters, a stay-at-home dad in Rose Petal, Texas (under the pseudonym ‘Jeffrey Allen’).
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Titles and year of publication:
 'Noah Braddock' Novels
 1) Killer Swell  2005
 2) Wicked Break  2006
 3) Liquid Smoke  2011
 4) Drift Away  2012
 5) Locked In (e-book)  2016
 'Joe Tyler' Novels
 1) Thread of Hope (e-book)  2011
 2) Thread of Suspicion (e-book)  2012
 3) Thread of Betrayal (e-book)  2013
 4) Thread of Innocence (e-book)  2013
 5) Thread of Fear (e-book)  2015
 6) Thread of Revenge (e-book)  2015
 7) Thread of Danger (e-book)  2016
 'Moose River Mystery' Novels
 1) The Murder Pit (e-book)  2014
 2) Last Resort (e-book)  2014
 3) Alibi High (e-book)  2014
 4) Foul Play (e-book)  2015
 5) You've Got Blackmail (e-book)  2016
 6) Assisted Murder (e-book)  2016
 'Rainy Day Mystery' Novels
 1) Bought the Farm (e-book)  2016
 ‘Stay at Home Dad Mystery’ Novels (as Jeffrey Allen)
 1) Stay at Home Dead  2012
 2) Popped Off  2012
 3) Father Knows Death  2013
 Other Novels
 1) Out of Time (short stories) (e-book)  2012