Lea Wait

Lea Wait was born in New Jersey. She now lives in Edgecomb, Maine. She is the creator of:
1. 'Antique Print Mystery' series featuring Maggie Summer, antique print dealer, professor and sleuth.
2. 'Mainely Needlepoint Mystery' series featuring Angie Curtis, an amateur sleuth in Harbor Haven, Maine.
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Titles and year of publication:
 'Antique Print Mystery' Novels
 1) Shadows at the Fair  2002
 2) Shadows on the Coast of Maine  2003
 3) Shadows on the Ivy  2004
 4) Shadows at the Spring Show  2005
 5) Shadows of a Down East Summer  2011
 6) Shadows on a Cape Cod Wedding  2013
 7) Shadows on a Maine Christmas  2014
 8) Shadows on a Morning in Maine  2016
 'Mainely Needlepoint Mystery' Novels
 1) Twisted Threads  2015
 2) Threads of Evidence  2015
 3) Thread and Gone  2015
 4) Dangling by a Thread  2016
 5) Tightening the Threads  2017
 6) Thread the Halls  2017
 Other Novels
 1) Pizza to Die For  2017