Victor L. Whitechurch

Victor Lorenzo Whitechurch was a clergyman and railway enthusiast. The last theme is used in his novels.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) The Canon in Residence  1904
 2) The Canon's Dilemma (short stories)  1909
 3) Thrilling Stories of the Railway (Also published as: Stories of the Railway)  1912
 4) The Templeton Case  1924
 5) The Adventures of Captain Ivan Koravitch (short stories)  1925
 6) The Dean and Jecinora  1926
 7) The Crime at Diana's Pool  1927
 8) Shot on the Downs  1927
 9) Mixed Relations (US Title: The Robbery at Rudwick House)  1929
10) Murder at the Pageant  1930
11) Murder at the College (US Title: Murder at Exbridge)  1932
12) The Chronicles of Humphrey Judd (short stories)  1990