Joanna Cannan

Joanna Maxwell Cannan Pullein-Thompson was born and brought up in Oxford. During World War 1 she became a nurse and met her future husband, Captain Harold J "Cappy" Pullein-Thompson, whom she married in 1918. She is the creator of:
1. ‘Guy Northeast’, an Inspector from Scotland Yard.
2. ‘Ronald Price’, an Inspector from Scotland Yard.


Titles and year of publication:
‘Guy Northeast’ Novels
 1) They Rang Up the Police  1939
 2) Death at the Dog  1940
‘Ronald Price’ Novels
 1) Murder Included (US Title: Poisonous Relations) (Also published as: The Taste of Murder)  1950
 2) Body in the Beck  1952
 3) Long Shadows  1955
 4) And Be a Villain  1958
 5) All Is Discovered  1962
Other Novels
 1) The Simple Pass On (US Title: Orphan of Mars)  1929
 2) No Walls of Jasper  1930
 3) Under Proof  1934
 4) The Hills Sleep On  1935
 5) Frightened Angels  1936
 6) A Hand to Burn  1936