James Ellroy

James Ellroy was born in Los Angeles, California. He dropped out of school without graduating and joined the Army for a short time. During his teens and twenties, he drank heavily and was engaged in minor crimes (especially shoplifting, house-breaking and burglary), and was often homeless. After serving some time in jail and suffering a bout of pneumonia, Ellroy stopped drinking and began working as a golf caddy while pursuing writing. He has been married twice and lives in Kansas City. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) Brown´s Requiem  1981
 2) Clandestine  1982
 3) Blood on the Moon  1983
 4) Because the Night  1984
 5) Silent Terror (Also published as: Killer on the Road)  1986
 6) Suicide Hill  1986
 7) The Black Dahlia  1987
 8) The Big Nowhere  1988
 9) LA Confidential  1990
10) White Jazz  1992
11) Hollywood Nocturnes (UK Title: Dick Contino's Blues and Other Stories) (short stories)  1994
12) American Tabloid  1995
13) My Dark Places  1996
14) LA Noir (Contains: Blood on the Moon, Because the Night, and Suicide Hill)  1998
15) Crime Wave  1999
16) The Cold Six Thousand  2001
17) Destination: Morgue! (short stories)  2004
18) Blood's a Rover  2009
19) Perfidia  2014