James Ellroy

James Ellroy was born in Los Angeles, California. He dropped out of school without graduating and joined the Army for a short time. During his teens and twenties, he drank heavily and was engaged in minor crimes (especially shoplifting, house-breaking and burglary), and was often homeless. After serving some time in jail and suffering a bout of pneumonia, Ellroy stopped drinking and began working as a golf caddy while pursuing writing. He has been married twice and lives in Kansas City. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) Brown´s Requiem  1981
 2) Clandestine  1982
 3) Blood on the Moon  1983
 4) Because the Night  1984
 5) Silent Terror (Also published as: Killer on the Road [1999])  1986
 6) Suicide Hill  1986
 7) The Black Dahlia  1987
 8) The Big Nowhere  1988
 9) LA Confidential  1990
10) White Jazz  1992
11) Hollywood Nocturnes (UK Title: Dick Contino's Blues and Other Stories [1994]) (short stories)  1994
12) American Tabloid  1995
13) My Dark Places  1996
14) LA Noir (Contains: Blood on the Moon, Because the Night, and Suicide Hill)  1998
15) Crime Wave  1999
16) The Cold Six Thousand  2001
17) Destination: Morgue! (short stories)  2004
18) Blood's a Rover  2009
19) Perfidia  2014
20) This Storm  Due June 2019