Amanda Flower
Pseudonym: Isabella Alan

Amanda Flower was born in Akron, Ohio. She is a librarian in Northeast Ohio. She is the creator of:
1. 'Amish Candy Shop Mystery' series featuring Bailey King, a chocolatier and amateur sleuth.
2. 'Amis Quilt Shop Mystery' series featuring Angela Braddock, the owner of an Amish quilt shop (under the pseudonym ‘Isabella Alan’).
3. 'Appleseed Creek Mystery' series featuring Chloe Humphrey, a computer specialist.
4. 'India Hayes', a college librarian.
5. 'Living History Museum Mystery' series Kelsey Cambridge, the director of Barton Farm.
6. 'Magical Bookshop Mystery' series featuring Violet Waverly, co-owner of Charming Books in Cascade Springs, New York.
7. 'Magic Garden Mystery' series featuring Fiona Knox, a florist.
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Titles and year of publication:
'Amish Candy Shop Mystery' Novels
 1) Assaulted Caramel  2017
 2) Lethal Licorice  2018
 3) Premeditated Peppermint  2018
 4) Toxic Toffee  Due June 2019
'Amish Quilt Shop Mystery' Novels (as 'Isabella Alan')
 1) Plainly Murder (e-novella)  2013
 2) Murder, Plain and Simple  2013
 3) Murder, Simply Stitched  2014
 4) Murder, Served Simply  2014
 5) Murder, Plainly Read  2015
 6) Murder, Handcrafted  2016
'Appleseed Creek Mystery' Novels
 1) A Plain Death  2012
 2) A Plain Scandal  2013
 3) A Plain Disappearance  2013
 4) A Plain Malice  2014
'India Hayes' Novels
 1) Maid of Murder  2010
 2) Murder in a Basket  2012
'Living History Museum Mystery' Novels
 1) The Final Reveille  2015
 2) The Final Tap  2016
 3) The Final Vow  2017
'Magical Bookshop Mystery' Novels
 1) Crime and Poetry  2016
 2) Prose and Cons  2016
 3) Murders and Metaphors  Due February 2019
'Magical Garden Mystery' Novels
 1) Flowers and Foul Play  2018
 2) Death and Daisies  2018