Wendy Hornsby

Wendy Hornsby lives in Southern California. She was educated at UCLA and California State University. She holds graduate degrees in Ancient and Medieval History. She teaches history at Long Beach City College. In 1992, she won the Edgar Award for her short story Nine Sons. Wendy Hornsby is the creator of:
1. 'Maggie MacGowan', documentary filmmaker in Los Angeles.
2. 'Kate Teague', history teacher in California.
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Titles and year of publication:
'Maggie MacGowan' Novels
 1) Telling Lies  1992
 2) Midnight Baby  1993
 3) Bad Intent  1994
 4) 77th Street Requiem  1995
 5) A Hard Light  1997
 6) In the Guise of Mercy  2009
 7) The Paramour's Daughter  2010
 8) The Hanging  2012
 9) The Color of Light  2014
10) Disturbing the Dark  2016
'Kate Teague' Novels
 1) No Harm  1987
 2) Half a Mind  1990
Other Novels
 1) Nine Sons (short stories)  2002