Faith Martin
Pseudonyms: Joyce Cato and Jessie Daniels

Pseudonym of Jacquie Walton. She was born in Oxford. She is the creator of:
1. 'Hillary Greene', a Detective Inspector with the Thames Valley Police in Oxfordshire.
2. 'Trudy Loveday and Clement Ryder', a WPC and a coroner in 1960s Oxford.
3. 'Monica Noble', a vicar's wife and amateur sleuth (under the pseudonym 'Joyce Cato').
4. 'Travelling Cook Mystery' series featuring Jenny Starling, a cook and amateur sleuth (under the pseudonym 'Joyce Cato').


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Hillary Greene' Novels
 1) A Narrow Escape (Also published as: Murder on the Oxford Canal [2017])  2004
 2) On the Straight and Narrow (Als published as: Murder at the University [2017])  2005
 3) Narrow Is the Way (Also published as: Murder of the Bride [2017])  2006
 4) By a Narrow Majority (Also published as: Murder in the Village [2017])  2006
 5) Through a Narrow Door (Also published as: Murder in the Family [2017])  2007
 6) With a Narrow Blade (Also published as: Murder at Home [2017])  2007
 7) Beside a Narrow Stream (Also published as: Murder in the Meadow [2018])  2008
 8) Down a Narrow Path (Also published as: Murder in the Mansion [2018])  2008
 9) Across the Narrow Blue Line (Also published as: Murder in the Garden [2018])  2010
10) A Narrow Point of View (Also published as: Murder by Fire [2018])  2010
11) A Narrow Exit (Also published as: Murder at Work [2018])  2011
12) A Narrow Return (Also published as: Murder Never Retires [2018;e-book]])  2012
13) A Narrow Margin of Error (Also published as: Murder of a Lover [2018;e-book]])  2013
14) Walk a Narrow Mile (Also published as: Murder Never Misses [2018;e-book]])  2013
15) A Narrow Victory (Also published as: Murder at Midnight [2018;e-book])  2015
16) The Work of a Narrow Mind (Also published as: Murder in Mind [2018;e-book])  2015
17) A Narrow Trajectory (Also publshed as: Hillary's Final Case [2018;e-book])  2016
 'Trudy Loveday and Clement Ryder' Novels
 1) A Fatal Obsession  2018
 2) A Fatal Mistake  2018
 3) A Fatal Flaw  2019
 4) A Fatal Secret  Due November 2019
 'Monica Noble' Novels (as 'Joyce Cato')
 1) An Unholy Mess  2015
 2) An Unholy Whiff of Death  2015
 3) An Unholy Shame  2016
 'Travelling Cook Mystery' Novels (as 'Joyce Cato')
 1) Birthdays Can Be Murder (Also published as: The Birthday Mystery [2018;as by Faith Martin])  2010
 2) A Fatal Fall of Snow (Also published as: The Winter Mystery [2018;as by Faith Martin])  2011
 3) Dying for a Cruise (Also published as: The Riverboat Mystery [2019;as by Faith Martin])  2012
 4) An Invisible Murder (Also published as: The Castle Mystery [2019;as by Faith Martin])  2012
 5) Deadly Stuff  2014
 6) Just Not Cricket  2015
 As 'Jessie Daniels'
 1) The 'Lavender Lady' Casefile  2017