Sheila Radley
Pseudonym: Hester Rowan

Pseudonym of Sheila Mary Robinson. She was born in Cogenhoe, Northamptonshire. She also writes under the pseudonym 'Hester Rowan'. She is the creator of 'Douglas Quantrill', a Detective Chief Inspector in East Anglia, England.


Titles and year of publication:
'Douglas Quantrill' Novels
 1) Death and the Maiden (US Title: Death in the Morning)  1978
 2) The Chief Inspector's Daughter  1981
 3) A Talent for Destruction  1982
 4) Blood on the Happy Highway (US Title: The Quiet Road to Death)  1983
 5) Fate Worse Than Death  1985
 6) Who Saw Him Die?  1987
 7) This Way Out  1989
 8) Cross My Heart and Hope to Die  1992
 9) Fair Game  1994
Other Novels
 1) New Blood from Old Bones  1998
As 'Hester Rowan'
 1) Overture in Venice  1976
 2) The Linden Tree  1977
 3) Snowfall (US Title: Alpine Encounter)  1978