J.R. Ripley

Pseudonym of Glenn Meganck. He was born in Michigan. Meganck is also a musician. He is the creator of:
1. 'Tony Kozol', an ex-attorney in Florida.
2. 'Maggie Miller', the owner of a coffee and beignet café in the small town of Table Rock, Arizona.
3. 'Charles Trenet', a gendarme in the French West Indies.
4. 'Bird Lover's Mystery' series featuring Amy Simms, owner of the shop "Birds & Bees" in Ruby Lake, North Carolina.
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Titles and year of publication:
'Tony Kozol' Novels
 1) Stiff in the Freezer  1998
 2) Skulls of Sedona  1999
 3) Lost in Austin  2001
 4) The Body from Ipanema  2002
 5) Burn Rap in Branson  2004
 6) Gunfight In Gatlinburg  2012
'Maggie Miller' Novels
 1) Buried in Beignets  2015
 2) Beignets, Brides and Bodies  2016
'Charles Trenet' Novels
 1) Murder in St. Barts  2003
 2) Death of a Cheat  2006
'Bird Lover's Mystery' Novels
 1) Die, Die Birdie  2016
 2) Towhee Get Your Gun  2017