Colin Wilson

Colin Henry Wilson was born in Leicester, England. He left school when he was sixteen and had a number of jobs before he turned to writing. He also wrote novels on poetry, philosophy, true crime etc. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) Ritual in the Dark  1960
 2) The World of Violence (US Title: The Violent World of Hugh Greene)  1963
 3) Necessary Doubt  1964
 4) The Glass Cage  1966
 5) The Philopher's Stone  1969
 6) The God of the Labyrinth (US Title: The Hedonists)  1970
 7) The Killer (US Title: Lingard)  1970
 8) The Black Room  1971
 9) The Schoolgirl Murder Case  1974
10) The Janus Murder Case  1984
11) The Personality Surgeon  1985