Dornford Yates

Pseudonym of Cecil William Mercer. He was educated at Harrow and Oxford. He then became a barrister. He took to writing to supplement his earnings at the Bar. In the First World War he contracted muscular rheumatism which lasted all his life. He was invalided home and spent the rest of the war in a desk job. He found very little work at the Bar and started to write seriously for a living. He moved to Southern France but at the start of the Second World War he retreated to Southern Rodhesia. He married an American actress but divorced her in 1933 and married an English girl in 1934. He also wrote romantic and humorous comedy.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) The Courts of Idleness (short stories)  1920
 2) Berry and Co (short stories)  1921
 3) Jonah and Co (short stories)  1922
 4) The Stolen March (short stories)  1926
 5) Blind Corner  1927
 6) Perishable Goods  1928
 7) Blood Royal  1929
 8) Maiden's Stakes (short stories)  1929
 9) Fire Below (US Title: By Royal Command)  1930
10) Adele & Co  1932
11) Safe Custody  1932
12) Storm Music  1934
13) She Fell Among Thieves  1935
14) And Berry Came Too (short stories)  1936
15) She Painted Her Face  1937
16) Gale Warning  1939
17) Shoal Water  1940
18) Period Stuff (short stories)  1942
19) An Eye for a Tooth  1943
20) The House That Berry Built  1945
21) Red in the Morning (US Title: Were Death Denied)  1946
22) The Berry Scene (short stories)  1947
23) Cost Price (US Title: The Laughing Bacchante)  1949
24) Ne'er-Do-Well  1954
25) The Best of Berry (short stories)  1989