Cleve F. Adams
Pseudonyms: Franklin Charles and John Spain

Cleve Franklin Adams also wrote under the pseudonym ‘John Spain’, and together with Robert Leslie Bellem under the joint pseudonym ‘Franklin Charles’.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) And Sudden Death  1940
 2) Sabotage (UK Title: Death at the Dam) (Also published as: Death Before Breakfast)  1940
 3) Decoy  1941
 4) The Black Door  1941
 5) The Private Eye  1942
 6) What Price Murder  1942
 7) Up Jumped the Devil (Also published as: Murder All Over)  1943
 8) The Crooking Finger  1944
 9) No Wings on a Cop (completed by Robert Leslie Bellem)  1950
10) Contraband (UK Title: Borderline Cases) (completed by Robert Leslie Bellem)  1950
11) Shady Lady (completed by Robert Leslie Bellem)  1955
As ‘John Spain’
 1) Dig Me a Grave  1942
 2) Death Is Like That  1943
 3) The Evil Star  1944
As ‘Franklin Charles’ (with Robert Leslie Bellem)
 1) The Vice Czar Murders  1941