William Ard
Pseudonyms: Ben Kerr, Mike Moran and Thomas Wills

William Thomas Ard was born in Brooklyn. He was a copy writer, a free-lance writer and a publicist. He also wrote under the pseudonyms ‘Ben Kerr’, ‘Mike Moran’, and ‘Thomas Wills’. He is the creator of:
1. ‘Timothy Dane’, private eye in New York.
2. ’Lou Largo’, private eye in New York (One novel was written by Lawrence Block and three novels were written by John Jakes).
3. ‘Barney Glines’, private eye in New York (under the pseudonym ‘Thomas Wills’).
4. ‘Johnny Stevens’, private eye in New York (under the pseudonym ‘Ben Kerr’).


Titles and year of publication:
‘Timothy Dane’ Novels
 1) The Perfect Frame  1951
 2) The Diary  1952
 3) .38 (Also published as: You Can’t Stop Me) (UK Title: This Is Murder)  1952
 4) A Private Party (UK Title: Rogue’s Murder)  1953
 5) Don’t Come Crying to Me  1954
 6) Mr. Trouble  1954
 7) Hell Is a City (UK Title: The Naked and the Innocent)  1955
 8) Cry Scandal  1956
 9) Root of His Evil (Also published as: Deadly Beloved)  1957
‘Lou Largo’ Novels
 1) All I Can Get  1959
 2) Like Ice She Was  1960
 3) Babe in the Woods (by Lawrence Block)  1960
 4) Make Mine Mavis (by John Jakes)  1961
 5) And So to Bed (by John Jakes)  1962
 6) Give Me This Woman (by John Jakes)  1962
Other Novels
 1) A Girl for Danny  1953
 2) No Angels for Me  1954
 3) As Bad As I Am (Also published as: Wanted: Danny Fontaine)  1959
 4) The Sins of Billy Serene  1960
As ‘Ben Kerr’
 1) Shakedown  1952
 2) Down I Go  1955
 3) I Fear You Not  1956
 4) Damned If He Does  1956
 5) Club 17  1957
 6) The Blonde and Johnny Malloy  1958
As ‘Mike Moran’
 1) Double Cross  1953
As ‘Thomas Wills’
 1) You’ll Get Yours  1952
 2) Mine to Avenge  1955