Hannah Dennison

Hannah Dennison was born in Old Basing, Hampshire, England. She now lives in Portland, Oregon, USA with her husband. She is the creator of:
1. 'Honeychurch Hall Mystery' series featuring Kat Stanford, a former antique dealer and her romance writer mother, Iris.
2. 'Vicky Hill', a reporter.
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Titles and year of publication:
 'Honeychurch Hall Mystery' Novels
 1) Murder at Honeychurch Hall  2014
 2) Deadly Desires at Honeychurch Hall  2015
 3) A Killer Ball at Honeychurch Hall  2016
 4) Murderous Mayhem at Honeychurch Hall  2017
 5) Dangerous Deception at Honeychurch Hall  2018
 'Vicky Hill' Novels
 1) A Vicky Hill Exclusive!  2008
 2) Scoop!  2009
 3) Exposť!  2009
 4) Thieves  2011
 5) Accused!  2016