Margaret Erskine

Pseudonym of Margaret Wetherby Williams. She was born in Canada. She is the creator of 'Septimus Finch', a police inspector.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) And Being Dead (US Title: The Limping Man) (Also published as: The Painted Mask)  1938
 2) The Whispering House (US Title: The Voice of the House)  1947
 3) I Knew MacBean (Also published as: Caravan of Night)  1948
 4) Give Up the Ghost  1949
 5) The Disappearing Bridegroom (US Title: The Silver Ladies)  1950
 6) Death of Our Dear One (US Title: Look Behind You, Lady) (Also published as: Donít Look Behind You)  1952
 7) Dead by Now  1953
 8) Fatal Relations (US Title: Old Mrs. Ommanney Is Dead) (Also published as: The Dead Donít Speak)  1955
 9) The Voice of Murder  1956
10) Sleep No More  1958
11) The House of the Enchantress (US Title: A Graveyard Plot)  1959
12) The Woman at Belguardo  1961
13) The House in Belmont Square (US Title: No. 9 Belmont Square)  1963
14) Take a Dark Journey (US Title: The Family at Tammerton)  1965
15) Case with Three Husbands  1967
16) The Ewe Lamb  1968
17) The Case of Mary Fielding  1970
18) The Brood of Folly  1971
19) Besides the Wench Is Dead  1973
20) Harriet Farewell  1975
21) The House in Hook Street  1978