Peter Guttridge

Peter Guttridge was born in Burnley, Lancashire. He was educated at Oxford and Nottingham Universities. He is a freelance journalist and has written for all the quality national newspapers and magazines. He is the creator of:
1. 'Nick Madrid', a journalist solving crimes.
2. 'Brighton Mystery' series about the dark side of Brighton.
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Nick Madrid' Novels
 1) No Laughing Matter  1997
 2) A Ghost of a Chance  1998
 3) Two to Tango  1998
 4) The Once and Future Con  1999
 5) Foiled Again  2001
 6) Cast Adrift (Lefty Award)  2004
'Brighton Mystery' Novels
 1) City of Dreadful Night  2010
 2) The Last King of Brighton  2011
 3) The Thing Itself  2012
 4) The Devil's Moon  2013
 5) Those Who Feel Nothing  2014
 6) Swimming with the Dead  2019
Other Novels
 1) The Belgian and the Beekeeper (e-book)  2011
 2) Paradise Island (e-book)  2014