Helen Phifer

Helen Phifer was born in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria where she still lives with her husband and children. She is the creator of:
1. 'Annie Graham', a police officer in Barrow.
2. 'Lucy Harwin', a Detective Inspector in the coastal town of Brooklyn Bay.
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Annie Graham' Novels
 1) The Ghost House  2014
 2) The Secrets of the Shadows (e-book)  2014
 3) The Forgotten Cottage (e-book)  2014
 4) The Lake House (e-book)  2015
 5) The Girls in the Woods (e-book)  2016
 6) The Face Behind the Mask (e-book)  2017
'Lucy Harwin' Novels
 1) Dark House (Also published as: The Lost Children [e-book;2017])  2017
 2) Dying Breath  2017
 3) Last Light  2018
Other Novels
 1) The Good Sisters  2016
 2) The House on West 10th Street (Also published as: The Haunting on West 10th Street [e-book;2018])  2018
 3) The Girl in the Grave  2019