David Blake

David Blake lives in North London. He is the creator of:
1. 'Crime Comedy' series featuring Detective Inspector Capstan and Detective Sergeant Dewbush.
2. 'Space Crime Comedy' series featuring Detective Inspector Capstan 400 years into the future.
3. 'John Tanner', a Detective Inspector in Norfolk.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Crime Comedy' Novels
 1) The Slaughtered Virgin of Zenopolis  2016
 2) The Curious Case of Cut-Throat Cate  2016
 3) The Thrills & Spills of Genocide Jill  2016
 4) The Herbaceous Affair of Cocaine Claire  2016
 'Space Crime Comedy' Novels
 1) Space Police: Attack of the Mammary Clans  2017
 2) Space Police: The Final Fish Finger  2018
 3) Space Police: The Toaster That Time Forgot  2018
 4) Space Police: Rise of the Retail-Bot  2018
 5) Space Police: Enemy at the Cat Flap  2018
 6) Space Police: The Day the Earth Moved a Bit  2018
 'John Tanner' Novels
 1) Broadland  2019
 2) St. Benet's  2019
 3) Moorings  2019