John Dandola

John Dandola was born in West Orange, New Jersey. He is an author and historian. He lives with his family in West Orange, New Jersey. He is the creator of:
1. 'Jeffrey Devereaux and Kirsten Eriksson', amateur historians and amateur sleuths in New England.
2. 'Edie Koslow and Tony del Plato', an M.G.M. publicity girl and a bodyguard in 1940s New Jersey.
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Titles and year of publication:  

 'Jeffrey Devereaux and Kirsten Eriksson' Novels
 1) Wind of Time  1995
 2) Wicked Is the Wind  2001
 3) The Unbound Wind  2008
 4) A Beckoning Wind  2010
 'Edie Koslow and Tony del Plato' Novels
 1) West of Orange (Also published as: Dead at the Box Office [1993])  1990
 2) Dead in Their Sights  2000
 3) Dead by All Appearances  2007
 4) Dead in Small Doses  2012
 5) Dead by Happenstance  2013
 6) Dead in Left Field  2017