Frank Gruber
Pseudonyms: Stephen Acre, Charles K. Boston and John K. Vedder

Frank Gruber was born in Elmer, Minnesota. He had several jobs before he became a full-time writer for the pulp magazines. He also wrote under the pseudonyms ‘Stephen Acre’, ‘Charles K. Boston’, and ‘John K. Vedder’. He is the creator of:
1. ‘Otis Beagle’, a P.I. in Los Angeles.
2. ‘Johnny Fletcher and Sam Cragg’, a pair of traveling con artists.
3. ‘Simon Lash’, a P.I. in Los Angeles.


Titles and year of publication:
 ‘Otis Beagle’ Novels
 1) Beagle Scented Murder (Also published as: Market for Murder)  1946
 2) The Silver Jackass (as Charles K. Boston)  1952
 3) The Lonesome Badger (Also published as: Mood for Murder)  1954
 ‘Johnny Fletcher and Sam Cragg’ Novels
 1) The French Key (Also published as: The French Key Mystery; and as: Once Over Deadly)  1940
 2) The Laughing Fox  1940
 3) The Hungry Dog (Also published as: The Hungry Dog Murders; and as: Die Like a Dog)  1941
 4) The Navy Colt  1941
 5) The Talking Clock  1941
 6) The Gift Horse  1942
 7) The Mighty Blockhead (Also published as: The Corpse Moved Upstairs)  1942
 8) The Silver Tombstone (Also published as: The Silver Tombstone Mystery)  1945
 9) The Honest Dealer (Also published as: Double Dealer)  1947
10) The Whispering Master  1947
11) The Scarlet Feather (Also published as: The Gamecock Murders)  1948
12) The Leather Duke (Also published as: A Job of Murder)  1949
13) The Limping Goose (Also published as: Murder One)  1954
14) Swing Low, Swing Dead  1964
 ‘Simon Lash’ Novels
 1) Simon Lash, Private Detective (UK Title: Simon Lash, Detective)  1941
 2) The Buffalo Box (Also published as: The Murder Box)  1942
 3) Murder ’97 (Also published as: The Long Arm of Murder)  1948
 Other Novels
 1) The Fourth Letter  1947
 2) The Lock and the Key (Also published as: To Tough to Die; and as: Run, Thief, Run)  1948
 3) Twenty Plus Two  1961
 4) Brothers of Silence  1962
 5) Bridge of Sand  1963
 6) The Greek Affair  1964
 7) Little Hercules  1965
 8) Brass Knuckles (short stories)  1966
 9) Run, Fool, Run  1966
10) The Twilight Man  1967
11) The Gold Gap  1968
12) The Etruscan Bull  1969
13) The Spanish Prisoner  1969
 As ‘Stephen Acre’
 1) The Yellow Overcoat (Also published as: Fall Guy for a Killer)  1942
 As ‘John K. Vedder’
 1) The Last Doorbell (Also published as: Kiss the Boss Goodbye)  1941