Max Murray

Maxwell Murray was born in Australia. He was a newspaper reporter in Australia, U.S.A. and England. During World War II, he was a scriptwriter and editor for the BBC.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) The Voice of the Corpse  1947
 2) The King and the Corpse  1948
 3) No Duty on a Corpse (US Title: The Queen and the Corpse)  1949
 4) The Neat Little Corpse  1950
 5) Good Luck to the Corpse  1951
 6) The Right Honourable Corpse  1951
 7) The Doctor and the Corpse  1952
 8) The Sunshine Corpse  1954
 9) Royal Bed for a Corpse  1955
10) Breakfast with a Corpse (US Title: A Corpse for Breakfast)  1956
11) Twilight at Dawn  1957
12) Wait for the Corpse  1957