Dani Oakley
Pseudonyms: Danica Britton and D.S. Butler

Dani Oakley lives in a small Lincolnshire village with her husband. She is the creator of:
1. 'East End' series featuring two families in Londonís East End underworld.
2. 'Harper Grant', a witch and amateur sleuth (under the pseudonym 'D.S. Butler'; reissued and continued under the pseudonym 'Danica Britton').
3. 'Karen Hart', a Detective Sergeant in Lincolnshire (under the pseudonym 'D.S. Butler').
4. 'Jack Mackinnon', a Detective Sergeant in the City of London (under the pseudonym 'D.S. Butler').
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Titles and year of publication:  

'East End' Novels
 1) East End Trouble  2016
 2) East End Diamond  2016
 3) East End Retribution  2017
'Harper Grant' Novels (as D.S. Butler)
 1) A Witchy Business  2016
 2) A Witchy Mystery  2016
 3) A Witchy Christmas  2016
 4) A Witchy Valentine  2017
 5) Harper Grant and the Poisoned Pumpkin Pie (short story)  2017
 6) A Witchy Bake-Off (as Danica Britton)  2019
 7) Spells, Spirits and Suspense (contains: A Witchy Business and A Witchy Mystery) (as Danica Britton)  2019
'Karen Hart' Novels (as D.S. Butler)
 1) Bring Them Home  2018
 2) Where Secrets Lie  2019
'Jack Mackinnon' Novels (as D.S. Butler)
 1) Deadly Obsession  2012
 2) Deadly Motive  2012
 3) Deadly Revenge  2012
 4) Deadly Justice  2013
 5) Deadly Ritual  2014
 6) Deadly Payback  2015
 7) Deadly Game  2016
Other Novels (as D.S. Butler)
 1) Lost Child  2017
 2) Her Missing Daughter  2018