Leslie O'Kane

Leslie O’Kane grew up in upstate New York. She is the creator of:
1. ‘Allie Babcock’, a dog therapist and amateur sleuth.
2. ‘Mollie Masters’, a greeting-card designer.
She also writes under the pseudonym ‘Leslie Caine’. Visit also the author’s own site.


Titles and year of publication:
'Allie Babcock' Novels
 1) Play Dead  1998
 2) Ruff Way to Go  2000
 3) Give the Dog a Bone  2002
 4) Woof At The Door  2014
 5) Of Birds and Beagles  2015
'Mollie Masters' Novels
 1) Death and Faxes (Also published as: Death Comes E-Calling)  1996
 2) Just the Fax Ma’am (Also published as: Death Comes to Suburbia)  1996
 3) The Cold Hard Fax (Also published as: Death of a Gardener)  1998
 4) The Fax of Life (Also published as: Death Comes to a Retreat)  1999
 5) The School Board Murders (Also published as: Death on a School Board)  2000
 6) When the Fax Lady Sings (Also published as: Death at a Talent Show)  2001
 7) Death of a PTA Goddess (Also published as: Death Comes to the PTA)  2002
As 'Leslie Caine'
 1) Death by Inferior Design  2004
 2) False Premises  2005
 3) Manor of Death  2006
 4) Killed by Clutter  2007
 5) Fatal Feng Shui  2007
 6) Poisoned by Gilt  2008
 7) Holly and Homicide  2009
 8) Two Funerals and a Wedding  2015