R.S. Downie

Ruth Downie was born in Ilfracombe, North Devon. She is the creator of ‘Gaius Petreius Ruso’, a Roman Army medic and amateur sleuth in Roman Britain. In the USA her books are published under the name Ruth Downie. Visit also the author’s own site.

Titles and year of publication:
 1) Medicus and the Disappearing Dancing Girls (Also published as: Ruso and the Disappearing Dancing Girls) (US Title: Medicus)  2006
 2) Ruso and the Demented Doctor (US Title: Terra Incognita)  2008
 3) Ruso and the Root of All Evils (US Title: Persona non Grata)  2010
 4) Ruso and the River of Darkness (US Title: Caveat Emptor)  2011
 5) Semper Fidelus  2013
 6) Tabula Rasa  2014
 7) Vita Brevis  2016