Chris Kuzneski

Chris Kuzneski was born in Indiana, Pennsylvania. He currently lives in Tampa, Florida. He is the creator of ‘Jonathon Payne and David "D.J." Jones’, former members of the MANIACs (an elite Special Forces unit in the U.S. military). Visit also the author’s own site.


Titles and year of publication:
 ‘Jonathon Payne and David "D.J." Jones’ Novels
 1) The Plantation  2002
 2) Sign of the Cross  2006
 3) Sword of God  2007
 4) The Lost Throne  2008
 5) The Prophecy  2009
 6) The Secret Crown  2010
 7) The Death Relic  2011
 8) The Einstein Pursuit  2013
 Other Novels
 1) The Hunters  2013
 2) The Forbidden Tomb  2014
 3) The Prisoner's Gold  2015