John P. Marquand

John Phillips Marquand was born in Wilmington, Delaware and grew up in the New York suburbs. He graduated from Harvard University in 1915 and worked as a reporter for The Boston Evening Transcript. He also wrote mainstream fiction and numerous short stories. He is the creator of ‘Mr. Moto’, a spy.


Titles and year of publication:
 ‘Mr. Moto’ Novels
 1) No Hero (UK Title: Mr. Moto Takes a Hand) (Also published as: Your Turn, Mr. Moto)  1935
 2) Thank You, Mr. Moto  1936
 3) Think Fast, Mr. Moto  1937
 4) Mr. Moto Is So Sorry  1938
 5) Last Laugh, Mr. Moto  1942
 6) Stopover: Tokyo (Also published as: The Last of Mr. Moto; and as: Right You Are, Mr. Moto)  1957
 Other Novels
 1) Ming Yellow  1935
 2) Don’t Ask Questions  1941
 3) It’s Loaded, Mr. Bauer  1949