Karen E. Olson

Karen E. Olson was born in New Haven, Connecticut. She studied literature at Roanoke College in southwestern Virginia and worked for twenty years in the newspaper business. She is the creator of:
1. ‘Brett Kavanaugh’, a tattoo shop manager in Las Vegas (Tattoo Shop Mysteries).
2. ‘Annie Seymour’, a reporter in Connecticut.
3. 'Nicole Jones', a computer hacker.
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Titles and year of publication:
‘Brett Kavanaugh’ Novels
 1) The Missing Ink  2009
 2) Pretty in Ink  2010
 3) Driven to Ink  2010
 4) Ink Flamingos  2011
‘Annie Seymour’ Novels
 1) Sacred Cows  2005
 2) Secondhand Smoke  2006
 3) Dead of the Day  2007
 4) Shot Girl  2008
‘Nicole Jones’ Novels
 1) Hidden  2015
 2) Shadowed  2016