E.V. Seymour
Pseudonym: Adam Chase

Eve Seymour was born in West Bromwich in the West Midlands. She lives in a village in Worcestershire with her husband and two of her five children. Her debut novel she wrote under her maiden name Eve Isherwood. She also writes under the pseudonym 'Adam Chase'. She is the creator of:
1. ‘Paul Tallis’, a former elite firearms officer and now spook for MI5.
2. 'Josh Thane', an assassin for hire.
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Titles and year of publication:
 ‘Paul Tallis’ Novels
 1) Land of Ghosts  2008
 2) The Mephisto Threat  2009
 3) The Last Exile  2010
 4) Resolution to Kill (e-book)  2012
 ‘Josh Thane’ Novels
 1) A Deadly Trade  Due December 2017
 2) Final Target  Due January 2018
 Other Novels
 1) Beautiful Losers (as Eve Seymour)  2016
 2) House of Lies  2017
 As 'Adam Chase'
 1) Wicked Game  2013
 2) Game Over  2014
 As 'Eve Isherwood'
 1) Absent Light  2007