Paige Shelton

Paige Shelton spent many years working in advertising before becoming a writer. She is the creator of:
1. 'Country Cooking School' series featuring Gram and Betts from Gramís Country Cooking School in the fictional town Broken Rope, in southern Missouri.
2. 'Dangerous Type Mystery' series Clare Henry and her grandfather Chester, owners of The Rescued Word, a boutique shop in Star City, Utah.
3. 'Farmersí Market' series featuring Becca Robins, a jam maker and amateur sleuth.
4. 'Scottish Bookshop Mystery' series featuring Delaney Nichols who works at The Cracked Spine, a legendary bookshop in Edinburgh, Scotland.
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Country Cooking School' Novels
 1) If Fried Chicken Could Fly  2012
 2) If Mashed Potatoes Could Dance  2012
 3) If Bread Could Rise to the Occasion  2013
 4) If Catfish Had Nine Lives  2014
 5) If Onions Could Spring Leeks  2015
'Dangerous Type Mystery' Novels
 1) To Helvetica and Back  2016
 2) Bookman Dead Style  2017
 3) Comic Sans Murder  2017
'Farmersí Market' Novels
 1) Farm Fresh Murder  2010
 2) Fruit of All Evil  2010
 3) Crops and Robbers  2011
 4) A Killer Maize  2012
 5) Red Hot Deadly Peppers (e-story)  2012
 6) Merry Market Murder  2013
 7) Bushel Full of Murder  2015
'Scottish Bookshop Mystery' Novels
 1) The Cracked Spine  2016
 2) A Christmas Tartan (e-story)  2016
 3) Of Books and Bagpipes  2017
 4) Lost Books and Old Bones  2018
 5) The Loch Ness Papers  2019
Other Novels
 1) Thin Ice  Due December 2019