Casey Daniels
Pseudonyms: Miranda Bliss and Kylie Logan

Pseudonym of Constance "Connie" Laux. She was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She has a degree in English and a background in journalism and teaching. She lives in northeast Ohio with her family. She has written numerous romances under the pseudonyms 'Connie Deka', 'Connie Lane' and under her own name. She is the creator of:
1. 'Evie Barnum', a museum curator and amateur sleuth.
2. 'Button Box Mystery' series featuring Josie Giancola, the owner of button shop in Chicago, Illinois (under the pseudonym 'Kylie Logan').
3. 'Chili Cook-Off Mystery' series featuring Maxie Pierce, an amateur sleuth (under the pseudonym 'Kylie Logan').
4. 'Cooking Class Mystery' series featuring Annie Capshaw and Eve DeCateur, amateur sleuths (under the pseudonym 'Miranda Bliss').
5. 'Ethnic Eats Mystery' series featuring Laurel Inwood, a former chef cook (under the pseudonym 'Kylie Logan').
6. 'League of Literary Ladies' series (under the pseudonym 'Kylie Logan').
7. 'Pepper Martin', a tour guide in a cemetery.
8. 'Jazz Ramsey', a cadaver dog handler in Cleveland, Ohio (under the pseudonym 'Kylie Logan').
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Titles and year of publication:  

'Evie Barnum' Novels
 1) Smoke and Mirrors  2017
'Button Box Mystery' Novels (As 'Kylie Logan')
 1) Button Holed  2011
 2) Hot Button  2012
 3) Panic Button  2012
 4) Buttoned Up  2013
'Chili Cook-Off Mystery' Novels (As 'Kylie Logan')
 1) Chili Con Carnage  2013
 2) Death by Devil's Breath  2014
 3) Revenge of the Chili Queens  2015
'Cooking Class Mystery' Novels (As 'Miranda Bliss')
 1) Cooking Up Murder  2006
 2) Murder on the Menu  2007
 3) Dead Men Don't Get the Munchies  2007
 4) Dying for Dinner  2008
 5) Murder Has a Sweet Tooth  2009
'Ethnic Eats Mystery' Novels (As 'Kylie Logan')
 1) Irish Stewed  2016
 2) French Fried  2017
 3) Italian Iced  2018
'League of Literary Ladies' Novels (As 'Kylie Logan')
 1) Mayhem at the Orient Express  2013
 2) A Tale of Two Biddies  2014
 3) The Legend of Sleepy Harlow  2014
 4) And Then There Were Nuns  2016
 5) Gone with the Twins  2017
'Pepper Martin' Novels
 1) Don of the Dead  2006
 2) The Chick and the Dead  2007
 3) Tombs of Endearment  2007
 4) Night of the Loving Dead  2009
 5) Dead Man Talking  2009
 6) Tomb with a View  2010
 7) A Hard Day's Fright  2011
 8) Wild Wild Death  2012
 9) Supernatural Born Killers  2012
10) Graveyard Shift  2017
'Jazz Ramsey' Novels (as 'Kylie Logan')
 1) The Scent of Murder  2019
 2) The Secret of Bones  2020