Sophie Hannah

Sophie Hannah was born in Manchester. She was Fellow Commoner in Creative Arts at Trinity College, Cambridge and a junior research fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford. She lives in West Yorkshire with her family. She is the creator of 'Simon Waterhouse and Charlie Zailer', a Detective Constable and a Detective Sergeant. She also writes Hercule Poirot mysteries, a character created by Agatha Christie. Visit also this site.


Titles and year of publication:  

 'Simon Waterhouse and Charlie Zailer' Novels
 1) Little Face  2006
 2) Hurting Distance (US Title: The Truth-Teller's Lie [2010])  2007
 3) The Point of Rescue (US Title: The Wrong Mother [2009])  2008
 4) The Other Half Lives (US Title: The Dead Lie Down [2010])  2009
 5) A Room Swept White (US Title: The Cradle in the Grave [2011])  2010
 6) Lasting Damage (US Title: The Other Woman's House [2012])  2011
 7) Kind of Cruel  2012
 8) The Carrier  2013
 9) The Telling Error  2014
10) The Narrow Bed  2016
 'Hercule Poirot' Novels
 1) The Monogram Murders  2014
 2) Closed Casket  2016
 3) The Mystery of Three Quarters  2018
 Other Novels
 1) The Orphan Choir  2013
 2) Pictures Or It Didn't Happen  2015
 3) A Game for All the Family  2015
 4) The Visitor's Book (short stories)  2016
 5) Did You See Melody?  2017
 6) The Next to Die  Due November 2019