Betty Hechtman

Betty Jacobson Hechtman was born and grew up in Chicago. She has a degree in Fine Arts and has had a variety of professions. She is the creator of:
1. 'Crochet Mystery' series featuring Molly Pink, a community relations and events coordinator for a bookstore.
2. 'Yarn Retreat Mystery' series featuring Casey Feldstein, a dessert chef who inherits her aunts yarn retreat business.
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Titles and year of publication:
 'Crochet Mystery' Novels
 1) Hooked on Murder  2008
 2) Dead Men Donít Crochet  2008
 3) By Hook or by Crook  2009
 4) A Stitch in Crime  2010
 5) You Better Knot Die  2010
 6) Behind the Seams  2011
 7) If Hooks Could Kill  2012
 8) For Better or Worsted  2013
 9) Knot Guilty  2014
10) Seams Like Murder  2016
11) Hooking for Trouble  2016
 'Yarn Retreat Mystery' Novels
 1) Yarn to Go  2013
 2) Silence of the Lamb's Wool  2014
 3) Wound Up in Murder  2015
 4) Gone with the Wool  2016
 5) A Tangled Yarn  2017