R.R. Ryan
Pseudonyms: Cameron Carr, Noel Despard and John Galton

Pseudonym of Evelyn Grosvenor Bradley. He was born at Waterloo, a suburb of Liverpool. In the 1920s he lived in Hove, Sussex where he ran a theatre. He wrote, produced and acted in his own plays. At 67 he committed suicide. Bradley also wrote under the pseudonyms ‘Cameron Carr’, ‘Noel Despard’, and ‘John Galton’. His daughter, Denice Jeanette Bradley-Ryan, wrote four thrillers in the 1940s under the name ‘Kay Seaton’.


Titles and year of publication:
 1) The Right to Kill  1936
 2) Death of a Sadist  1937
 3) Devil’s Shelter  1937
 4) The Subjugated Beast  1938
 5) Freak Museum  1938
 6) Echo of a Curse  1939
 7) No Escape  1940
As ‘Cameron Carr’
 1) A New Face at the Door  1937
 2) Gilded Clay  1938
 3) The Other  1938
As ‘Noel Despard’
 1) The Tyranny of Virtue  1925
As ‘John Galton’
 1) The Stars I Kneel To  1939